Last night I was invited at about 9pm to speak about the Peshawar siege on Irish TV3’s Vincent Browne Tonight show, as they wanted some security analysis about the very disturbing terrorist attack. The show airs live at 11pm, so it was a last minute request, and I prepared a brief on the subject.

I should point out the following:

1/ The International Security and Assistance Force is an UN-mandated stabilisation operation undertaken at the request of the elected government of the Republic of Afghanistan. See here

2/ NATO, (including British) troops are subjected to very stringent rules of engagement concerning the use of small arms, artillery and air strikes in civilian areas. These often mean that insurgents can take tactical advantage of the presence of civilians in the urban environment. Vincent also failed to mention that many civilian casualties in both Iraq and Afghanistan are caused by insurgents. Here is an example of the complexity of the issue. See here

3/ If anyone has read my book they’ll know the lengths to which most professional soldiers go to to prevent civilian casualties. Callsign Hades is also used to teach ethics to Cadets in numerous Western armies.

Here is the interview.