Dr Patrick Bury

Defence and security expert with comprehensive media experience. Lecturer in Defence and Stategy at the University of Bath. Research expertise includes counter-terrorism; military sociology (reserve service, transformation and cohesion); military logistics and the conduct of warfare.


London-based, Patrick has worked for NATO as an analyst and is a former Captain in the British Army’s Royal Irish Regiment. He has appeared on international, British and Irish television and radio to discuss security issues including terrorism, current military operations and military history. 

In the News

He has appeared on Sky News, BBC Radio 4 Today programmeBBC File on 4, BBC Radio 5, TV and he regularly contributes to Ireland’s most popular current affairs radio programme Today with Sean O’Rourke

On Television

Has appeared on BBC News, BBC News HardTalk, RTE News and numerous security programmes.

He is a lead contributor to National Geographic’s ‘Nazi Mega Structures‘ series.

In the Press

He writes frequently in The Irish Times, and has written for The GuardianThe Independent and War on the Rocks

His memoir, Callsign Hades (Simon and Schuster, 2010) has been called ‘the first great book of the Afghan war’